Karen Couillard is one of Canada’s most sought-after visual artist from Canada

who works as an illustrator, designer and painter.

Hot Property Available

Although operating as both licensor and licensee, Groovy Arts currently has properties branded by Karen Couillard available for licensing. With the tremendous success of our giftware collection by Karen Couillard, we are currently looking to expand our market with other product lines. We are interested in building exciting new partnerships with other manufacturing experts.

Karen Couillard’s artwork is very hot in today’s market. Her designs are trendy and boast a range of fun with hip characters and bold colors mixed with comic drama. Karen’s artwork has a distinctive style and her designs appeal to a diverse audience from tweens, teens to middle aged female trendsetters.

Her designs have application for many different products. With a wide selection of properties to choose from, we are particularly interested in growing product lines for categories including; ornaments, home decorative accessories, apparel, fashion accessories, cosmetics, novelties, arts and crafts, toys, furniture, paper and stationery.

Karen’s characters and whimsy sayings are also visually appealing for books, television, movies and animation.

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